Obama’s Letter to Ma

U.S. Presidential Candidate Obama sent a congratulatory letter to Taiwan’s new President:


Dear President Ma:

Please accept my warmest congratulations on your inauguration as the new President of Taiwan. This is an important event in the political history of the island, one which can deepen the ties between the United States and Taiwan. A sound U.S.-Taiwan relationship will certainly be the goal of my Administration. Your inauguration also holds promise for more peaceful and stable relations between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits, in no small measure because you have extended the hand of peace and cooperation to Beijing.

Your election is the latest step in consolidating a democracy that has advanced over the last two decades. The people of Taiwan showed great maturity by endorsing a track of peace, prosperity, and good relations with the United States.

I sincerely hope the People’s Republic of China will respond to the beginning of your presidency in a constructive and forward-leaning way. It is important for Beijing to demonstrate to the people of Taiwan that the practical and non-confrontational approach that you have taken towards the Mainland can achieve positive results. I hope that there will be progress on issues including development of economic ties, expanding Taiwan’s international space, and cross-Straits security, on which you have made proposals that deserve a good-faith response.

I support the “one China” policy of the United States, adherence to the three U.S.-PRC Joint Communiqués concerning Taiwan, and observance of the Taiwan Relations Act. On that foundation, I believe that the United States should strengthen channels of communication with officials of your government. We should continue to provide the arms necessary for Taiwan to deter possible aggression. And we should support your efforts to build closer ties with the Mainland that will lay the groundwork for a mores table and predictable relationship.

Your election on March 22nd and your inauguration on May 20th were good days for the people of Taiwan, for the forces of democracy around the world, and for peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait and western Pacific. I will do all that I can to support Taiwan’s democracy in the years ahead.

With best wishes,

Barack Obama

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3 Responses to Obama’s Letter to Ma

  1. justrecently says:

    Promising. Seems that ties between America and Taiwan may take a turn for the better. Anything known about a letter from Senator McCain to Ma?

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